Unable to install eOS on Asus vivobook17

This is my current spec.

I have had issues installing a LAMP stack on this laptop too.

My attempts to install eOS have all been met with an empty drive. The BIOS is gui based and I am not a wizard at any of this, but I did manage to disable the secure boot.

Please send me links and stories of your successes.

Many thanks in advance.

Are you following the flashing guide? The most common issue is that you’ll need to set your BIOS to boot from “Legacy” mode.

Just redid the flashing with Balena etcher. I originally used the application native to linux mint to create a bootable USB.
Same results however. It says that it has successfully installed. Upon rebooting there is no OS to boot into.
I have no idea as to how to get to a Legacy mode on my bios. First time I have seen one with a GUI! I have searched for a Legacy mode but no avail.

Legacy is used instead of EFI/UEFI, so it’s possible that your BIOS would just say “Disable EFI Boot” or equivalent. You may also be able to search the internet to find out how to do this. If it does not support Legacy boot, then unfortunately you will have to wait until we add EFI boot support, which will likely be sometime this year.

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That’s awesome. Muchly appreciated

Exploring what I can do! I am a noob at much of this but I managed to get to the GRUB loader for PureOS. I asked Linux Mint to boot to the next volume and it gave me access.
Big question is, what do I do next?

This is not a successful boot. Unfortunately you’ll need to understand your BIOS better to see what setting may be preventing you from booting into the OS installer

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Did you ever manage to get up and running?