Unable to label receive onchain transactions in RTL

Hey all. I’ve been using and getting to know Ride the Lightning and noticed an issue that might be missing from this implementation of RTL. When receiving onchain transactions I find that there is no ability to label them as to origin. That option is available for UTXOs through the action menu at the right of the UTXO, but receiving transactions only shows view info in the actions column. Clicking that shows you UTXO related info including the empty label field but no way to input a new label.

Is there some way that I haven’t discovered yet to place labels on my incoming btc transactions. Oh and Thunderhub also has the same problem.


Hey there. It looks like this is an upstream concern and has been recently reported in the RTL repo. Perhaps by someone we know… nudge, nudge

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lol. Yup, you got me. Wasn’t sure if I should report there too, but evidently that’s where it belongs. Appreciate you getting back to me, and hoping they implement that change in the next release.
Till next time…

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