Unable to perform hard reboot on refurbished Start9 HP Elitedesk

I recently set up the refurbished HP Elitedesk that I purchased from start9. Everything was working great and then I started to have an issue connecting my sparrow wallet to my electrs server. Sparrow was flashing an error “could not connect. SOCKS server general failure. check if proxy server is running”

Looking around on message board, I saw a suggestion to try a hard reboot. I used the shutdown system command in start9 os menue , then after the server powered off, I unplugged the server, then I plugged it back in.

The server powered on and then made a loud beep , then it appears to turn off and then turn on again and I hear another beep and then nothing else happened. Ethernet is plugged in and is flashing red. The power light on the front is on, but the indicator light next to the power button that usually shows activity is off. I’m unable to connect to the server via it’s local address.

I tried to power off / unplug/ power on again but this time connecting my hdmi display to the server and it showed an hp logo and then a POST ERROR screen pops up and says system time is invalid. then it shows a message saying “Start PXE over IPv4”

Finally it displays error message that BootDevice Not Found, please install an operating system on your hard disk.

Please advise how I should proceed. Thank you.

I am not sure what is going on here. You might try flashing StartOS on a thumb drive and reinstalling it. During set up you would choose use existing drive to preserve all your data. This may not be required but if we can’t figure out what caused this it is an option

Were you able to get a backup before this incident?

Worst case you could have a bad SSD, but I would double check all connections and try again before doing anything more drastic

I discovered that this could be a known issue and I may need to get you in touch with an ops person. If it is the hardware we would need to get you set up for an RMA. If the problem persists I would go to the Start9 Store contact form Contact | Start9 explain the situation in detail, and request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

Thank you. I received help from Start9 ops. There was an issue discovered with a missing CMOS battery and also it was unable to boot from the NVME (the startOS was missing). I was given the steps to install new battery and flash the startOS to it since I was capable of doing those things on my own. I appreciate the offer to also send it in, if I didn’t feel comfortable handling those things.

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