Unreachable on bitnodes.io


Why is by default Bitcoin node unreachable on website bitnodes.io ?


Hi Elipso!

First let me welcome You to our sovereign computing community.

Try to enter you bitcoin interface address without http://
Mine is shwoing up.

Hi h0mer

Thank you for the welcome.

I entered Tor address and is showing, but my clearnet IP address not.

Thanks for response

Bitcoin Core on your startOS server uses both Tor and clearnet connections for privacy and security. However, it’s configured to only be accessible via its Tor address.

Future relese v.0.3.6 will provide interface of every service a unique port on the LAN, which allows for manually setting up VPN or clearnet connections. This is still works in progress but the future is bright!

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Ok, that looks interesting.

It would be good to add the option to set the maximum number of connections, maybe somebody want 10,25,100,125 or more.