Updating my Pi to

I updated my Pi to version today. The download went smoothly, and it prompted me to restart. I proceeded with the restart, but I didn’t hear any beep or chime sounds. After a couple of hours of being unable to access it, I decided to perform a hard boot and check what’s going on. After initialization, it seemed that the update was successful, and everything appeared fine. However, upon closer investigation, it became apparent that bitcoind was experiencing some issues.

In the logs, an error regarding data corruption was shown, and it was stuck in a loop, constantly restarting itself. To address this issue, I attempted the “delete transaction index” action followed by the “reindex blockchain” action. Additionally, I tried reinstalling bitcoind, but none of these actions made any difference. After discussing the problem with ChatGPT and consulting a friend, I decided to SSH in and run the following command:

sudo docker exec -it bitcoind.embassy rm /root/.bitcoin/peers.dat

That did the trick. Bitcoind needed some time to sync but now is all green. I was a little bit confused becouse I thought action “delete transaction index” is removing peers.dat. What am I missing here?

No, we previously had a Delete Peers List action, but it was removed. Sounds like we need to add it back.

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I think thats why I was confused. I was preaty sure I used it before in this actions tab. Thnks.

There will be an update shortly that brings the Action back

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This Action has been re-implemented

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