Use NextCloud on Start9 as passthrough to local NAS?

I like the idea of NextCloud on my start 9, but don’t like the idea of having to get a multi TB SSD for all the storage I want. Is there a way to configure NextCloud on the Start 9 server, and have it use an existing NAS on my network as it’s storage location?
Bascially in the old vernacular, I want to map a drive on the Start 9 that connects to a location on a nas, then use that as the storage for the NextCloud storage. Doable??
Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions…

There’s not an easy way to do this, although it’s potentially doable. The thing to do is install the dev environment and change the NextCloud-wrapper code to accomidate your changes:

The share mapping to a mount point could be done with mount -t cifs

Unfortunately that’s about the only advice I can offer. Please know this is way off script and not supported by Start9. If you do it, you’re on your own, but appy hacking and let us know if you get it working!

OK, so ‘no there’s not’! :slight_smile:
Definitely not something I could accomplish. Thanks though!