Use of obfs4proxy in tor to bypass censorship

To bypass censorship in certain parts of the world you can use obfs4 bridges in tor.
Send an email to with “private bridge ” in the subject.
They will send you private obfs4 bridges in your country you can use with tor.

Login to StartOS over SSH and switch to the root user:

sudo -i

Run the following command to switch to the “chrooted” environment, any system changes made now will be persisted across reboots.


Run the follwing command, this will install ‘obfs4proxy’ on your server.

apt install obfs4proxy

Now exit the chroot environment. Note: this will reboot StartOS!


Logon and switch to root user:

sudo -i

Add the following lines to /etc/tor/torrc, use the bridges you received from

UseBridges 1
ClientTransportPlugin obfs4 exec /usr/bin/obfs4proxy

Now restart tor with the following command:

systemctl restart tor

Tor logs can be viewed with the following command, or use the StartOS UI.

journalctl -b --no-pager /usr/bin/tor

Write a script called ‘’ that adds the extra lines in /etc/tor/torrc
because torrc gets overwritten during restart.

Put the script into “/media/embassy/config/” which will run each time the server starts up.

Restart your server and check if it works.


Do you have any insight into which countries actively censor Tor connections? I’m simply curious about the extent of such censorship efforts. Thank you for sharing this information.

No I don’t, but I think most countries with authoritarian regimes actively censor Tor.