Using Start9 on a Lenovo 90 Tower Desktop

I can get a Lenovo 90 Tower with a Core i5 6 core 12 thread 10400 gen 10 cpu, 8Gb RAM and a 256 Gb Hard Drive for $50. Will that run Start9 and function as a home server? It has Windows on it now. Is there anything I can check to make sure it will work? I am new and learning. Thank you for your help.

It should run just fine if you replace the hard drive with a good SSD – the size of which would depend on what you’d like to run.

You can see some other examples of people’s DIY setups here.

And you can read up on the process here.

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Thank you. The guy that has it says it has a ‘256Gb HD memory chip hard drive’ so it might be an SSD. He’s close so I plan to go look at it later.

As I see it, the I5 is a little old but not ancient. It should work for some time if I do simple things with it. I appreciate your help. I know a little about this stuff but I like to double check things.

If you’re planning on running Bitcoin in a full archival way… you’ll still want to get a bigger drive.

I would like to run a BTC node and maybe a LTC node. I do not do any gaming or video.

Then as a bare minimum, I’d recommend a 1TB SSD. You would be even better getting a 2TB SSD, at least if you want to run a full stack and be happy with all the bells and whistles.

If you’re on a budget, can’t get a hold of the SSD, then you can run a more basic pruned node.

If “LTC” refers to a legacy alt coin, I don’t believe the community repository has a Service for that.

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My bad. I meant Lightning.

Aim for the 2TB, SSD if you can.

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I got it and it’s working. I got a deal. $50 for the computer, a keyboard, an HDMI cable and a power cord.

What should I run first?

If you want Lightning, sync Bitcoin first