What Username-Password is used for direct OS access?

I am new to Start9. I hope somebody in this forum can clarify the following. When I installed the OS onto my RasPi4 it asked I setup a password. And now that I have access to Start9 via the the LibreWolf browser on my Linux Mint client PC it asks for a password. I have not entered one because I am not 100% certain if I need to use the same password I created when I installed the OS to my RasPi4 or do I need to create a whole new password to get access the Star9 portal. The instructions I am following does not really make this clear so I hope somebody can clarify this for me.

Additionally, if I want to get direct access to my RasPi4 what do I enter as a Username? Is the “adjective-noun” the username? And the password the one I created when I installed the OS? Any info welcome.

Password ssh logins are not enabled. Please follow this guide to setup and use an ssh keypair to connect to your server: