When installing it does not ask me to set a passowrd

Trying to install on a 2012 mac mini with 2tb ssd. When I have the EmbassyOS usb stick in with the ISO image I can get to the install, select my drive and then click install. It then gets to a screen that says “remove boot drive and reboot”. I do this and then when I reboot nothing happens and I can’t seem to find it by going to http://start.local or http://embassy.local/.

I will try and access from a linux computer later but I thought it was weird it did not ask for a password when installing.

Our apologies, it seems we introduced a bug in the install flow with version We’ll be issuing a patch release as soon as possible, but it may be a couple days. If you want to get started right away, you can install v0.3.4.2 and then update via the UI to the latest version (which we do recommend due to all the other bugfixes included).

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Fixed in StartOS v0.3.4.4