Which FreeGPT models do you prefer?

Just looking for some opinions, on which models and why, from people who have used FreeGPT w/ Start9.
I have not fired it up yet, so I’m open to all reasons.

I think the language models differ mainly in size and perhaps in emphasis. Which one you choose should be dependent on how beefy your hardware is. The instructions say "Download a Large Language Model (LLM)
In the FreeGPT interface click on “DOWNLOAD MODELS”
Choose a language model from the list provided. Models are automatically filtered based on the available RAM of your server. Larger models should provide better responses, but they will be slower.

I am running a Server Puer with plenty of resources show I chose “Nous-Hermes-Llama2-13B”. When you look at the list provided on your Start9 Server it will show the amount of GB required