Why can't I run ordinals (ord) on my StartOS server?

I’ve seen several variations of this question and thought I’d address it here.

Services need to be packaged (.s9pk) to be installed within StartOS. While the Bitcoin full node service is available on StartOS, the ord utility has not been packaged for StartOS yet. Anyone could build the package and make it available. Documentation on packaging services is at: Start9 | Service Packaging.

Other useful information:

  • Ordinals are a numbering scheme for satoshis that allows tracking and transferring individual sats. See: Overview - Ordinal Theory Handbook
  • ord is the ordinal utility. Learn more about how it works at: Wallet - Ordinal Theory Handbook
  • The installing ord instructions in the link above assume you are running Bitcoin Core on a Unix server, not a StartOS server. If you SSH into your StartOS server and if you are sufficiently skilled with Unix it MIGHT be possible to manually get ord installed and connected, but it is NOT RECOMMENDED and NOT SUPPORTED.
  • While many ordinals based Bitcoin wallets do NOT allow you to select your own Bitcoin node, some might. If yours does, you can use the connection information from your StartOS Bitcoin interfaces page to point your wallet to your StartOS Bitcoin node.
  • Sparrow wallet can be pointed to your own Bitcoin node, but it is NOT ordinals aware. See: ord/docs/src/guides/collecting/sparrow-wallet.md at master · ordinals/ord · GitHub
  • Learn more about Start9 Marketplace Strategy at: Start9's Marketplace Strategy