Wifi internal error no wifi interface available


I have installed Start9 on a NUC13.

But I have no wifi and this error message :

RPC ERROR: WiFi Internal Error No WiFi interface available

When I try to select a country it does nothing.

Can someone help please?

Wifi is not recommended and will be deprecated in the future, but if you are in a situation where you must use it be sure and flash the nonfree ISO with proprietary drivers. If you flashed the regular x86, this could be your problem.

And just to add a bit to what Rick said, even the x86_64 non-free ISO does not have all drivers for all possible hardware, but only the closed-source drivers included in Debian 12’s non-free repository.

If you are already using the nonfree iso because you followed our flashing instructions, then the wireless card on your DIY hardware probably just isn’t supported.


Thank you Rick for your answer.

I indeed flashed the wrong one.

I will try to do it with the non-free.

Also Thank you @George for the precision.

I will try and put my hardware in the repertory if the wifi is working or not.

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