Will AI replace coders?

For last 5 months I’v been “learnig to code”. To be exact web dev. Few weeks ago I started using chatGPT and now I’m thinking what is the point of me learnig. To be honest I am a bit worried if there will be any job when im done studying. Dont get me wrong. Using AI made me much more efficient and creative. What do you think guys?

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In my opinion it’s just another tool. Even if lots of code can be generated in an “intelligent” way, it will still require a living being with creativity and innovation to be the Creator.


I think it is a great tool to have, but if you don’t know how to put the code together it may not work, so you still need to ‘know how to code’, also if it steals your job, your next job is to learn to write good AI prompts :slight_smile: