Woocommerce BTCPAY Server Access

Just moved from Umbrel to EmbassyOs. May main point of use, is to host my own BTCPAY server so I can accept Bitcoin on my website (hosted off site). The issue I’m running into, is I have a reverse proxy hosted on a different device (synology NAS) and it won’t access either the .local or .onion links. I also tried using the .onion link directly in BTCPay section of WooCommerce. Though it still couldn’t access it. I would prefer to use a reverse proxy, since I could also access nextcloud over that. Any help figuring this out or if there is a hidden “normal” ip/port I can access for each service, I would appreciate it. I did look through the forum and documentation, but didn’t see what I needed. Thanks!

This is the only method we know of at this time that will work with eOS at this time-> Reverse proxy to Tor | BTCPay Server

In v0.4.0, we will have much more control and advanced network configurations available. Hopefully this answers your question.