Blockchain Migration from windows desktop to RPi 4, 4GB


after realizing that that syncing blockchain directly to RPi 4, 4GB is very slow.
(even with 1gig ethernet, 2500dbcahe, nvme external SSD)

i installed and synced bitcoin core on my main pc, windows 11.
following the guide:
Start9 | Blockchain Migration

I got stuck on section 5. the rsync, defult command did not find folder.
so i though i need to change the source director to mine in windows which is F:\core

rsync -e “ssh -i ~/.ssh/-.key” -povgr --append-verify --rsync-path=“sudo mkdir -p /embassy-data/package-data/volumes/bitcoind/data/main ; sudo rsync” F:\core{blocks,chainstate} start9@-.local:/embassy-data/package-data/volumes/bitcoind/data/main/
(instead - i have the my startOS name)

this time the error changed to be:
The source and destination cannot both be remote.
rsync error: syntax or usage error (code 1) at main.c(1428) [Receiver=3.2.7]

→ both machines are local, what is the issue here for me?
→ can I alternatively just plug the external drive, into windows desktop pc and copy the files over.
→ i can dual boot, at my main pc into startOS or linux (blockchain source) if that will make the migration proceeds easier.


The guide you are following assumes that you are migrating from one StartOS server to another. In your case you are migrating from Bitcoin core on a Windows machine to a StartOS server. The CLI commands will probably be different to mount the windows client. I can’t help you there but some in our community probably know.

However, you should be aware that even if you manage to migrate the blockchain, the PasPi 4 will have trouble staying synced. You may get away with it for a while if your disk is fast enough but probably not for long. It is recommended to not run a Bitcoin stack on a RasPi 4

We’ve not tried this on windows. I wasn’t even aware rsync was available for windows, but I guess that’s not too surprising. Regardless, I’m not sure the syntax will remain the same on windows. At the very least, you’ll need to have a \ in front of {blocks,chainstate} and you may actually need to specify the paths one at a time, eg:
rsync -e “ssh -i ~/.ssh/*-*.key” -povgr --append-verify --rsync-path=“sudo mkdir -p /embassy-data/package-data/volumes/bitcoind/data/main ; sudo rsync” F:\core\blocks start9@*-*.local:/embassy-data/package-data/volumes/bitcoind/data/main/
rsync -e “ssh -i ~/.ssh/*-*.key” -povgr --append-verify --rsync-path=“sudo mkdir -p /embassy-data/package-data/volumes/bitcoind/data/main ; sudo rsync” F:\core\chainstate start9@*-*.local:/embassy-data/package-data/volumes/bitcoind/data/main/
Let us know. Also, following these directions might be more applicable/adaptable since your source filesystem is not another StartOS server: