Can not view marketplace unless in kiosk mode

I’ve tried both Tor and standard Firefox and Brave browser for connecting to my server and having trouble accessing updates and Marketplace. I have no issues when in kiosk mode however. I’m thinking a connection is somehow blocked because sometimes the cloud icon is not dark with a check however, I show connected. On a few occasions, I received the following message. Most of the time it just sits there and ‘spins’. I can access system and services.

I’m also having the same problem when it shows I’m fully connected. This is true over .onion or .local

Hi @stephenInGeorgia

The first steps might be quite obvious, and you might have already tried them. But have you hard-refreshed the browser window?

To perform a hard refresh in Mozilla Firefox on different operating systems, you can use the following methods:

    Hold down the Ctrl key and press F5.
    Alternatively, you can also use Ctrl+Shift+R to perform a hard refresh.

Mac OS X:
    Hold down the Shift key and click the Reload button on the toolbar.
    Alternatively, you can use Command+Shift+R to perform a hard refresh.

    Hold down the Ctrl key and press F5.
    Alternatively, you can use Ctrl+Shift+R to perform a hard refresh.

If that doesn’t work, the obvious next step would be to pay very explicit attention to the message shown. Do you have any extensions set up in the browser that could be blocking anything? Could you turn them all off them reactivate them one by one while trying to connect to the marketplace?

Thanks for the info. I’ve tried the hard refresh but still same problem. I’ve got everything removed on Firefox that I can find. I’m kinda at a loss of how to proceed if this is going to be a pain to use.

Hey @stephenInGeorgia, sorry about the issues you’re facing. We know it can feel frustrating but the team is here to help and loves to get users unstuck whenever possible. Since you’re having success viewing marketplace in kiosk mode but not on your client device, the issue may potentially be related to your network. Would you be able to confirm your network setup? We are also looking into that connection status that you described in your first message. Let us know and thank you for your patience.

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I have disabled or allowed just about everything regarding the .onion address and .local address. I stop my VPN, I have allowed both firefox and tor for bitdefender. My eOS is connected directly to my router. My PC is upstairs connected via an ethernet over power connector. I know there is something connection-wise going on or some blocker. Most recent example trying to update simplex server:

It’s almost like anything the server has to access the internet for is timing out.
Could my ISP be somehow blocking it? But that is not logical because in kiosk mode its all bueno.

Thanks for the additional information. It sounds like there are definitely some factors at play that could cause issues here. I suspect that your network is to blame here because we very rarely have network issues like this reported (and when we do, we ultimately discover it is due to the user’s network). I would start by plugging your PC into the router directly (to rule out the eth-over-power causing a problem), and then turn off, or give a clear ethernet port to, both devices.

The error you listed is helpful as it lists a DNS resolution issue to our domain. I would guess you are doing something at your router with DNS that would be causing this. Doing the above tests should verify this. While it is possible for your ISP to interfere with your traffic, it is extremely rare and we have not had any widespread reports of this.

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Dave, not sure if this would be a new thread or not.
I’ve completely re-wired my entire network with new wires (got a nice speed bump as well).
I have no issues connecting to the server, but accessing the registry or looking for updates most often fails.

Are there some optimal settings in Firefox to not mess with this? Maybe turn off DNS resolution.

This is not going to be a Firefox issue, and messing with anything in the browser is likely an exercise in “barking up the wrong tree.” Unfortunately we cannot support all the possible custom network setups (as you can imagine). We would need a lot of details in order to give any advice here.

I am having a similar issues as well, when trying to connect to market place, the term kiosk mode was used but not sure what that is, was this issue ever resolved

I went back and re-did all the trusting of the certificate, Onion connections etc. I’m not sure if it fixed anything, but I was able to get a good connection to the marketplace about 1/5 the time for updates. For me it works best on my phone over Onion. Its just the marketplace I have issues with, everything else works as it should. Kiosk mode is hooking a mouse and keyboard to the server directly and accessing it like a normal computer.

I’m running my server on a laptop, and still have issues connecting to market place, I can connect to the server remotely over tor without issues, my issue in connecting to market place and when i do connect and the are updates , I have problems downloading/installing the updates and not sure why

How many of the solutions outline above have you tried? Did they all fail to help?
What version of StartOS are you on currently?

I have tried a complete refresh install keeping my old data, I can get market place and have updates to on 7 apps, can’t update apps and get time out errors when trying to do updates
Running version 0.3.5-1

Same issues on remote and on the laptop running server,
Is there other ways to update apps

That’s definitely an issue with some aspect of the connection between this DIY device and the wider internet. From what I can tell something between your server and the registry has corrupted the data in some way. The integrity of the data has been compromised. It’s either an issue with your router (some kind of filtering? firewall?) or an issue with your ISP (the same?) or something temporary with either one that might be fixed by restarting your router.

You’ve already verified that there’s nothing wrong with StartOS by reflashing the OS and starting over. If it’s not an issue with your router, that would leave us with the conclusion that there’s something up with the networking hardware or the firmware for it. You might find clues in the kernel logs. Troubleshooting that is something very specific to the hardware choices you’ve made and is pretty much out of scope for our support.

What data might be corrupted the OS data or the hardware data, is this where the device and the OS communicate, I have tried restarting the router server times, I have reached out to my isp provider about firewall or filtering but haven’t heard from them yet. I have another laptop I was considering installing the os , but not sure if I would have the same issues,
And not sure if i should start from scratch or use my old data

Try plugging your internet directly into the server, or at least removing the router from the equation. I was able to tell me router an order of preference. On another note, mine will update, but very rarely do I see any progress shown. Once a month I update all the apps, then restart the server, then backup my data. The apps update, I just allot about 30 min to refresh my browser and see if the versions have changed then restart the server.

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I am using Starlink service and have to use their router to connect to the internet,

You might want to do some more research on whether you can use your own router with Starlink.

It’s almost certainly the router that’s causing the issue based on the error displayed in your screenshot.

Starlink dish connection to the their router has special cable so you have to go through the router that they provide for a LAN connection

What questions would I ask Starlink tech support about what the router maybe dong and causing issues