Error installing StartOS on an ARM SBC

Hi, I’m trying to install StartOS on an Odroid-M1 SBC, I’m using the aarch64 image flashed on an USB stick.
I managed to boot from the USB (with some tweaks) and the browser opens the StartOS setup page. I’ve installed a Samsung 970 evo plus NVMe M.2 SSD that is detected by the system and displayed as an option when I’m asked to select a disk for installation. The next page, Install Type, presents only one button: Install StartOS. Clicking on it, a pop up message warns that this action will completely erase the disk, that’s fine, accepted, but the process stops with the red message:
RPC ERROR: Disk Management Error mkfs.vfat: unable to open /dev/nvme0n1p1: No such file or directory
Any ideas?
Thanks for helping

I’m not sure exactly what the problem could be but when we had users getting this error on the raspi, we had them:

Insert disk into another computer
Use the disk utility to wipe all partitions
Create a new partition and format it with exfat (or whatever fs)
replace it into the server you’re trying to install StartOS on

Then try again. The installer doesn’t wipe partitions so if it doesn’t exactly like the partitions you’ve already setup, errors will occur.

There’s an (yet unfixed) issue about it here:

Please let us know if this does or doesn’t work.


That was the problem. Thank you very much.
I haven’t been able to finish the installation yet, bu this is one step forward.

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We’d love to add an ODroid to our Known-Good Hardware List. Let us know if you get it running!

I give up. I’d say that at the moment it’s not possible. Sorry

We have a long list of hardware to test - I’ll add this to it, as I have an old ODroid laying around, but it may take some time. It will be posted to the master hardware list if/when we get it sorted. Thanks for your efforts!

Thank you, appreciated.
A couple of hints, since I’ve already gone through this:

  1. the firmware supplied by the manufacturer doesn’t support EFI boot, there is workaround explained here.
  2. Mainline kernel support for the Rockchip RK3568 has been added in 6.2.0-rc1, while currently StartOS is using an 6.1.0 kernel. Looks like someone has been able to make the M1 work even with 5.18, but I’m not one of those :frowning:

I’ll keep an eye on the forum.

Good to know, thank you for the tips. Quick note that EFI boot is not required, you can definitely boot in Legacy. In regard to kernel RCs, we are very unlikely to go that bleeding edge, as kernel updates are already a source of strife. We will keep an eye on it as that version stabilizes however.