How to connect to Services via VPN mydns

Whilst Tor access works sometimes I wanted to ensure when I connect via VPN to my home network I can also access services.

I have a Fritz Box where I have configured mydns with my provider and I am using Wireguard VPN.

That said within the Wireguard Client I have added the DNS Server entry “local”

Furthermore I have a pi hole in my network which operates as my DNS Server and there I have configured conditional forwarding for my IP, also Pi hole offers the ability to enter a Domain Name optional where I have also entered local

Last but not least I have then added all DNS names from Start9 ending with .local into my Local DNS value on my pi hole all pointing to the same IP and it worked.

I first started with the Start9 hostname to confirm its working and then I just added the once I require access to like Mutiny or other services.