How to easily transfer 800 GiB+ of data to nextcloud

Hi everyone, have about 600 GiB of pictures and then another 200 GiB for my personal media server. Obviously, it isn’t very effective to just drag and drop that amount of data into nextcloud. I want to be able to plug in an external HDD to the server and transfer that data in.

I tried to go through Nextcloud and the files app, but neither would show the external drives. Am I missing something here? Is there a way to view external USB devices on nextcloud or files?

I also tried to go through command line but I can’t figure out the login credentials. I got the password, but I can’t get the username right. I tried root, admin, start9, all to no avail. (P.S. I just disabled the graphical user interface on the server, no SSH.)

I also tried booting into lubuntu on a live USB. I figured I could just drag and drop the stuff from the external drive to the directory in StartOS that I want. However, StartOS encrypts the drives. When I tried to decrypt the drives, it wouldn’t work. I entered in the login password, but it wouldn’t work. Don’t know why, but it said it was the wrong password.

A proper solution to any one of these routes would fix my problem. Thanks!

I don’t believe it is possible at present to mount an additional drive to the server as you were attempting.

Instead I believe the easiest way to transfer data from an HDD to Nextcloud would be something like this:

  1. Mount the HDD to a laptop.
  2. SSH into your server from the laptop in step 1.
  3. Use rsync to copy the files from the HDD to the appropriate Nextcloud directory. As an example you might look at the command for copying the blockchain in step 7 of the raspiblitz migration guide. This would of course need to be modified to copy the files from the mounted HDD filepath and target the appropriate Nextcloud directory.
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Thanks for the solution. However, I think i found a simpler solution (at least for me). What I did was I wrote Lubuntu Linux onto a USB stick. I then booted into the USB stick instead of StartOS. I had previously tried this, but the problem was that I couldn’t access the StartOS drives because they were encrypted. However, from this question (After a botched Embassy OS update, want to copy files from the 1TB external drive) I was able to figure out that the default password was password. Once I found that, I simply plugged in my external drive to the server which I then decrypted on Lubuntu. I then opened the Lubuntu file explorer in root mode and started the transfer of all the data to the proper nextcloud directory (took me a bit to look for the multimedia folder that I had created earlier in Nextcloud, but I found it!)

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The drive is technically “encrypted,” but this should not be relied upon for any sort of security. Since it’s full drive encryption it’s not related to the user log in. The password is just “password” without the quotes. While I’ve never done it, I suspect your boot into a live USB should work. Another way might be to SSH into the box, and rsync from an external source.

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