Is there a way I can connect to my node (bitcoind, electrs) directly from my LAN?

I have a full node running, but the only way I can connect my Electrum wallet to it is if I use TOR… Is there a way to allow access to the services from LAN clients?

You can connect some wallets (such as sparrow) directly to your Bitcoin core node via LAN. Guides for various wallet integrations directly to Bitcoin Core are located here Start9 | Bitcoin Integrations

You will need Tor to connect to to electrs. The setup guide for connecting electrs to various wallets is located here

In v.0.4.0 there will be more robust networking features added. No ETA as of yet

Well, I’m only interested in connecting to electrs (and possibly lnd), since I use Electrum. I guess I’ll use TOR while I wait for 0.4.0 then…

To expand on Rick’s answer, it is possible that electrs could implement an http server before StartOS v040, which would also allow LAN connections on StartOS.

I just wrote a DIY post how to do this here: [DIY] Exposing electrs and bitcoind over LAN in StartOS 0.3