Migrate - Raspibolt to Start9

I’m currently running a homebuilt (Raspibolt) setup and am planning on moving my active lightning node over to my purpose build start9 server. Been looking into the best way to achieve this migration safely (last thing I want is my channels closing etc.). Any thoughts/comments suggestions would be welcome on this.


  1. Set up start9 and get all the pre-requisites up and synced (core, electrs, proxy) - Done
  2. Install LND on start9 machine but don’t start up
  3. SSH into Raspibolt and shutdown LND
  4. Make a zipped copy of the /data/lnd folder (using the LND user account) and drop in tmp folder
  5. WinSCP copy from Raspibolt over to the start9 tmp folder
  6. Through SSH extract folders into "/-embassy-data/package-data/volumes/lnd
  7. Delete TLS certificates and key
  8. Start up LND on start9

Questions I have are:
What am I missing?
Should I configure LND at all on the start9 before I start?
BTC wallet seed on the new start9 (that was generated on startup for Raspibolt) do I need to migrate that separately or does it come along with my lnd folder? (guessing the latter)

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Still looking for a bit of advice/suggestions on this one. Any feedback would be much appreciated.

We do not officially support these migrations, and while there have been successful raspibolt migrants, they have unfortunately not left us with any feedback. The best I can do is guide you to our umbrel migration, but we built some tools for that one which will not be available to you.

Hopefully some other migrants will chime in here. Otherwise your plan looks fine - just remember to destroy the old lightning node when finished, otherwise you may lose funds.

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No worries, thanks for the feedback. Hopefully someone else that has migrated already will spot this before I decide to flip the switch. Not gonna risk a move to Start9 til I have more time to sit and do it properly.

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Check back here if you don’t hear back soon, maybe someone else will have done it in another one of our channels.