Nextcloud Master Thread

Client Setup

Please see our Device-specific guides for client integrations.
Alternatively, you can do direct WebDAV Setup in some instances.

Having trouble on Android getting your existing contacts synced? Follow this quick guide.

User Setup

Add User Details

Top-Right Menu → Settings → Personal → Personal Info

Change Password / Session Management

Top-Right Menu → Settings → Personal → Security

Quick Tips

User Administration

Top-Right Menu → Users

  • Use this to add or edit users

Custom Theming

Top-Right Menu → Settings → Administration → Theming


  • Add your Embassy certificate system-wide for use with all integrations (known to cause crashes in some cases when not added)

Known Limitations

  • Admin server updates are NOT supported and will not work. Please only update from embassyOS
  • External security checks (Requires clearnet)
  • Exercise caution when uploading large data chunks (more than a few GB) via the WebUI as they may fail. Syncing clients are the preferred method.
  • Office suites (Cryptpad is a great alternative!)
  • Federation (Requires clearnet)
  • Nextcloud Talk (LAN only, remote requires clearnet)
  • Email integration (Requires clearnet)
  • Email registration (Requires email server on Embassy)

Please feel free to comment with your experiences, tips, and reviews on the plethora of clients and integrations available on all platforms, as well as general EmbassyOS Nextcloud discussion. There is another master thread for discussion of Nextcloud Apps.