Repurpose Tanto

I would like to repurpose Tanto from RoninDojo to Start9. Would this be possible? I tried flashing onto microsd card but network is not reachable when I try to access it.

We do not currently have an image for the RockPro64 board which the Tanto uses. I have not heard of anyone getting this to work. You can check this link now and in the future to see any progress [Known-Good Hardware Master List] Hardware Capable of Running StartOS - #140 by h0mer

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I’m curious to know which build or image you attempted to use, and whether it was able to boot at all?

I attempted to use: startos- - It did not boot at all… or the network was inaccessible. I did not connect it to a monitor. Was just searching for it via the local network.

I see… Please note that the RockPro64 chip is an ARM platform. Therefore, you should definitely start by trying the aarch64-nonfree variant.