RPC ERROR: Database Error JSON (De)Serialization Error: missing field 'system-start-time'

Hello, had a fully functioning x86 self build(NUC-same model as Server One) until I shut it down. When I restarted it back up, it wouldn’t initialize past the POST showing START9 in white letters against black background. I flashed OS to USB, connected NUC to a monitor and booted from USB and restarted and proceeded to recover. Currently stuck on “Initializing StartOS - Setting up your server” and an error has appeared in a red block citing "RPC ERROR: Database Error JSON (De)Serialization Error: missing field ‘system-start-time’ This has happened before (usually after system update) and I’ve followed the same recovery procedure which has worked until now. However this time the initialization process doesn’t seem to be resolving. I’m a noob to linux and computers in general. URL shows localhost/#loading. Inaccessible through LAN.

What was the last version of StartOS you were running. And what version were you trying to flash from? Were you in the process of a system update when you shut it down? If you were trying to flash from a much older version of StartOS directly to .0.3.5~1 you might need to try an intermediate version before updating to the latest. Check this link and see if it is relevant to your situation 0.3.5 update gone wrong

Thanks for the feedback and link, Rick. The version which I flashed to USB from which I booted up to start the recovery process was I can’t recall the version that was on just prior to shutting it down, but I do recall updating to and using the most recent version (successfully) most recently prior to the shutdown. I will have a read through the thread and see if there are any further suggestions that may be useful.

Thanks for again for linking me to the other thread Rick. After reading Matt Hill’s comment around ver 0.3.4 being a cliff version I suspected that perhaps trying to recover from booting the older while I had likely previously upgraded to the most recent 0.3.5 version could be the source of the problem. I reflashed my USB with the latest 0.3.5 version and proceed with the recovery smoothly. No RPC error this time and all my data intact. Thanks for taking the time to offer your suggestion.