Start9 Jellyfin Troubleshooting - Chromecast


Preface: I’m a tech savvy millennial, but not server and network savvy. Slowly learning.

I have my Jellyfin server installed on my Start9 up and running. I’m able to access my library through my MacBook Pro + iPhone without issues using my LAN. (in both cases I used the .local address and installed the root CA certificate)

I’m now trying to access it through my Chromecast so I can watch my shows in my living room via the TV.

I’ve installed the Jellyfin app on my Chromecast and it’s asking for the server IP/URL. I enter the .local address and it never connects. My educated guess is that I need to install the root CA onto the Chromecast so it can access the Start9 server. Is this correct? Is this even possible? I’ve tried entering just my normal IP but it just never connects.

I’m lost on how to access my Jellyfin server and I believe it’s because of the Start9 https security; is this correct? Am I overcomplicating this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi, I did a quick search to see if there have been any similar cases & it seems like one was found in this case

It might be worth seeing if this works for you as well, but if it doesn’t, or if you find another method, then please do come back & let us know.

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Thank you! This is exactly my problem. The work around solution is way above my technical knowledge, so it looks like I’m stuck until the new version of StartOS is released.

This will be addressed in StartOS v.0.3.6 by deprecating mDNS aliases and assigning every interface of every service a unique port on the LAN. This allows for the manual setup of VPN or clearnet connections.

Any word on when this is scheduled to go live?

Thank you.

We have not announced a release date for the v0.3.6 version release, but the development team is hard at work on it and thanks you for your patience.