Trouble Migrating from Umbrel vers 1.1 to StartOs

I watched BTCSessions guide to migrate from Umbrel to my shiny new Start9 Server One - unfortunately the migration tool for Umbrel version .5 results in an error “You need to have Docker-Compose installed” or something to that effect. Do I need to downgrade my Umbrel from 1.1 to .5 and then attempt the migration? Any help or workaround would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

This has been flagged and we’ll be working on an updated migration script.

There’s a manual guide that does the same thing that you could tweak, found here.

From @H0mer

Umbrel made some changes under the hood, and the migration process will only work for Umbrel 0.4 and 0.5. I looked around, and I think if you’re up for the task, you can use this guide (HowTo: Migrate from Umbrel 0.5.x to StartOS).
Just insted of running this:
sudo ./umbrel/scripts/stop
when you ssh into umbrel you run this:
sudo systemctl stop umbrel

This should stop all services but you will still be able copy the files as per guide.
Please remember that this is not supported, and we take no responsibility if something goes wrong. I will bring this to the attention of the developers to see if it’s possible to add this action in future releases.
If you decide to go ahead remember not to run LND node on your umbrel after migration and do backup before you start. Good luck Sir!

The warning is due to this not being extensively tested, but if you’d prefer not to wait for the updated action, this should work. The important thing is to not turn on the Umbrel again if you’re running lightning.

Thanks - forgive my ignorance, but can I regenerate my lightning node and all channels on StartOs if I just have my seed words and the channel backups? Of course I would turn off my Umbrel prior to rebuilding. I’m guessing this won’t work but wondering.

It is possible to transfer an umbrel node with all channels in tact, but you want to use this guide. And as stated earlier in the thread make the adjustment for the latest version of umbrel or wait for the new migration script

No, a private key has no idea what channels you open or what the status of those channels are. You need an exact copy of the LND database.

You only other option is to close all your channels on Umbrel so that your funds go back on-chain, send these funds to your new node, then open channels again.