Unable to Install on Dell with Ubuntu - RPC ERROR

Having problem to install StartOS on a Dell w/ Ubuntu.
did the Reboot and during the installation shows the following error message:
RPC Error: Filesystem I/O Error xz uncompress failed with error code 7 FATAL ERROR: writer: failed to read/uncompress file /media/embassy/tmp/EZPJZP43EOQMJPFFYN3S5OOIKEZOUU4QK62PA6LTAAYJV2CAGQQQ/curretn/usr/lib/modules/6.1.0-13-amd64/kernel/drivers/scsi/cxgbi3i/cxgb3i.ko

I already Reflashed the StartOS file to the USB SD Card, via Balena Etcher twice.

Why are you flashing onto an SD card to then install onto this Dell? Where does Ubuntu come into this?

Your SD card is likely too small or has some other kind of issue. Perhaps repeat the process with a large USB thumb drive?

Thanks, but the SD has 64gb plenty of space. I did the steps shown at Start9 website.
Ubuntu is only to let know that the PC already has an OS running. I don’t know if that might be the reason for the error.

I get the feeling from the error that the SD card is the issue. It’s the first thing I’d look at changing to get to the bottom of things if it was me.

Thanks! I changed already. Got really stucked and don’t know which direction to go from here.

After the message showd before I try again and now shows a new message:

RPC ERROR: Disk Management Error mkfs.vfat: unable to open /dev/nvme0n1p1: No such file or directory

@StuPleb I did using the VM in my Ubuntu following instructions form this Article:

Is that OK to run thru VM?

You can run in a VM, but obviously a bare metal install will generally be the best. If you need advanced storage features, then proxmox is a good base.