Unable to install Start9 on new mini PC


I have been able to get hold of a new MSI Cubi N. I created a StartOS USB boot disc and on boot up was given the option to install. The M2 disc was offered as a target and installation seemed to proceed normally. I got a message that it had successfully installed and was asked to remove the USB stick and reboot. On rebooting, the PC just went straight to the BIOS screen and I have chosen all the possible boot options but it refuses to boot.

I then had a go at installing Linux Mint and it installed and booted to the disk no problem. I then tried the StartOS again and once again, it refuses to boot to the SSD.

Any ideas anyone?


First idea is to be sure you are using the nonfree image, and second would be to wipe the disk and format it GPT/exFAT. Beyond that, it’s possible you need a newer kernel than is currently supported. This would mean you would have to wait for an OS update. What disk are you using?


Thanks for your speedy reply.

Yes, I am using the non-free image. What is the easiest way to re-format the disk? Could I do it from a linux Live USB stick?

The PC has a 2TB WD Blue NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD.

Yes, you could probably do that. Alternatively, you can use an adapter to plug in the drive to a laptop/desktop.

Please keep in mind you will only be able to install StartOS to one drive at this time, unless you have some kind of lower level hardware/software RAID.

OK, I’ll try re-formatting. Thanks.

There is only the one drive.

Oops, I misread. Let us know if that works

Hi. I tried formatting the disk using a Linux Live stick. Once again, StartOS seems to install OK, but will not boot and the BIOS does not show the SSD (like it did when I installed Mint).

Is StartOS not compatible with UEFI?

Yes it is.

What model m.2 disk are you working with?

We’ve noticed several that are not supported by the Debian 12 (Bookworm, which is what StartOS is based on) kernel (6.1.0), and will be releasing StartOS v0.3.6 with the next kernel (6.5, assuming testing goes alright) which should support more devices.


It’s a WD Blue SN580 2TB NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD.

I have just installed Mint Cinnamon Edge 2.3 (which uses Kernel 6.5) and that worked fine. The SSD is displayed in BIOS and all works solidly.

Any idea when the new StartOS will be released?


No ETA at this time.

OK thanks for your help. Damn, I’m desperate to get a full node up & running - looks like I might have to get umbrel for now, as I can install mint, and I’ll have a go with Start9 when it’s ungraded (which looks to me like a much better solution).


I of course cannot recommend this. In our experience umbrel is pretty bad software, but it’s your choice. We’ll see you back for v036.

I get that. I will look out for v036 and will be back!

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