What is duplicity error in backup?

Did a recent backup and had 3 errors all with duplicity. Any ideas?
OS software is up to date.

How is your backup drive set up? Is this a network drive or external to your server? Do some of the services backup and not others, or are all getting this error?

See this thread where user had same error message Bitcoind backup fails with GPG error

The advice in that case was the following:

The repeated errors don’t look good at all. It looks like many of the services you have are running into corruption issues. This may even be causing the backup error as the backup process is being tripped up by the corruption.

But I also had a theory that perhaps the previous backups you’ve made have been corrupted too, for the same reasons.

I think these would be worth a try:

1. Move the backups you currently have to a safe location and try making fresh backups from scratch.
2. Try a system rebuild to attempt to fix the issues with the binaries, then try 1) again.

In his case he also had errors. Check your health checks and logs for errors. If you see them then the above directions will likely be the solution

I can confirm that fixed the backup issue, and it stayed fixed. It was as simple as moving the old backups and doing a new backup on a clean drive. I haven’t run into the problem again.

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The backup drive is a USB-c connected 1tb NVME drive in an enclosure. All other services backed up. I’m going to make a secondary backup, then reformat this drive in the new format and try again this evening. It was probibly exFAT which looks to have changed to EXT4

Yes ext4 will perform a lot better for you. Also if the USBC gives you trouble you might try USB.