Expose Services to the internet

I’m wondering if anyone has attempted to expose individual services to the internet by using either https://pagekite.net/, purchased domain or through dynamic DNS service such as https://www.noip.com/

I can’t figure out how I could connect to each individual service. Any help here is appreciated.

We are not aware of anyone hacking together a setup like this at this time, however, we are building this type of functionality into StartOS directly - in a powerful and flexible way. This will be coming beginning with v040. No ETA on release at this time.

I wrote a guide on how to connect your StartOS, but this guide doesn’t address individual services:

Check out this post as well

Thanks for providing me with ways to achieve clearnet access to my server.

I was thinking that this could actually represent an opportunity for Start9 to create a payed service where StartOS users could purchase subdomains (for example subdomain.onstart9.com) that would point to their Service. You would basically have something as described by @StuPleb on setting up the VPS being run on a server of yours and having the configuration automated by it.

Does it make sense or did I just space out into dreamland ?

I’ll only say two things on this.

  1. We of course want to build a sovereign way to do this first, such that the option is merely a convenience, not a requirement

  2. It’s a good idea and it may have crossed our minds - stay tuned

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