Nextcloud Apps Master Thread

We now have detailed guides for select NC apps!

Protip: check system requirements before installing a Nextcloud app - especially if running from a Pi

The below apps have been tested to work on eOS across supported hardware platforms. Caveats and known issues mentioned. Please leave any NC Apps feedback in this thread - it is extremely helpful to us and will lead to a better sovereign Nextcloud experience for everyone!


For remote users to book appointments into your calendar - share via Tor; more practical following ‘clearnet’ support


Sync bookmarks across devices (import via HTML format)
- Several sync clients available to choose from


Uses CalDAV to sync with external integrations (see master thread link below)


Uses CardDAV to sync with external integrations (see master thread link below)


Import (via URL) and store your favorite recipes for convenient access to ingredients, directions, and nutritional information. Build your own cookbook!

Custom Menu

Customize main Nextcloud menu with additional layouts, etc

Element Integration

Access your (Embassy!) Matrix instance within Nextcloud UI


Included in base install - basic file syncing with Nextcloud client apps (see master thread link below)


Create and share basic forms - share via Tor; more practical following ‘clearnet’ support


Basic health logging and tracking


Can link external accounts (guide coming soon), but will require eOS features for sovereign email server


Uses OpenStreetMaps data - can link photos, devices, and track location (useful for runners)


A great photo/media app. Actions exist for both indexing your media (required for use with the app), as well as setting up geotagging (optional).

  1. Install Memories from NC Apps page
  2. When complete, hit the icon in the top menu to visit the app, you will see this image:
  3. (Optional) If you would like to use the map for your geo-tagged photos, go to Nextcloud service page → Actions → Setup Map for Memories (and execute it)
  4. Go to Nextcloud service page → Actions → Index Media for Memories App (and execute it)
  5. Following success screen, return to Memories, click “Start” and select your desired root media directory


Basic financial logging and tracking


Catalog, play, and stream your music from Nextcloud Files

News (RSS Feed Reader)


Supports Markdown

  • Syncing apps


Store passwords and sync across devices with several options of client apps


Create and share basic polls - share via Tor; more practical following ‘clearnet’ support


Control panel is found in Administration Settings → Recognize

  1. Install and enable Recognize app
  2. Go to Administration Settings → Recognize, you will see a message that " The machine learning models still need to be downloaded. "
  3. Go to your Embassy’s Nextcloud service page → Actions, and run “Download Machine Learning Models for Recognize” - wait for it to finish and then refresh the Recognize control panel
  4. You can now enable your desired recognition operations. Please be patient as these will take a long time to process (especially if you have a lot of media, or are using a Raspberry Pi or other lower power device).


Known Limitations

  • Office suites (Cryptpad is a great alternative!):
    • Collabora Online - CODE Server
    • OnlyOffice
    • Nextcloud Office
  • FaceRecognition
  • NCDownloader
  • Talk (video chat) - Requires clearnet for remote connections

Please feel free to comment with your experiences, tips, and reviews on Nextcloud Apps on EmbassyOS. There is another master thread for general discussion of Nextcloud, clients, and integrations.

By Office suites under Known Limitations, do you mean that there are no good Office suites in the NextCloud app store that work on EmbassyOS?

In early testing, none were shown to work properly. If this is not your experience, please let us know - the feedback is very valuable. Several Nextcloud apps require additional server setup on the backend, which will slowly be added across updates, but what goes into those updates will be in large part based on the demand for any particular Nextcloud app.

OK that answers my question, thanks. Using CryptPad for now.


Colabora Online was able to install. However, it is unable to detect the inbuilt server.

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What did you use for the Docs server?